Andres Window Tinting has been in the business for 30 years so their experience means they can always find a solution for you. We can explain the advantages of having your windows tinted. When our customers are considering having window tinting in their homes, a key question we often get is “will window tinting reduce the heat inside?”.

In this post, we will discuss why window tinting is one of the best options for reducing heat in the home.


Heat Reduction in Your Home

The simple answer is yes, when a tinted film is applied to your windows it will reduce the heat in your home and this is because the heat and glare cannot pass through the tinted film in the way it passes through standard glass.

In fact, the solar radiation that hits your window film is converted to infra-red radiation and rejected back out, therefore the heat into your house is reduced. This is great for keeping your house cooler generally during the summer but also lessening the frequency of the volume of air conditioning required. With these films, up to 93% glare and around 80% heat is cut out, which is a big reduction.


Other Bonuses of Tinting

There are of course other bonuses to window tinting as well as the heat reduction benefits. You get better privacy with a tinted film as the finish gives a mirror effect on the outside preventing any peeping in.

UV rays are also reduced when a tinting film is applied, these powerful rays are what cause colours to fade, wooden flooring to dry out and crack and fabrics to deteriorate more quickly. This means minimising the effect through window tinting prolongs the life of your furnishings too.

If you are having a film treatment to your windows you can also improve the design and feel of rooms and your house too using decorative window tinting. This can be achieved by choosing from the different effects that can be printed on the film.

You can have a pattern or maybe a skyline digitally printed on your film or go for an opaque option for full-on coolness and privacy.


Window Tint is Easy and Cost-Effective

The process of having your windows tinted is something that can be carried out directly at your home. It is an easy and cost-effective way of improving your property and your running costs in a short space of time.

Usually, window tinting only needs to be done once as most of the films we use have a lifetime residency warranty. All in all, opting for window tinting is a far cheaper and less disruptive alternative to having double glazing installed.


Save Money

The most fantastic characteristic of window tinting is that it can save you a significant amount of money over time.

The film used to tint windows also works as an insulator. You can keep your home cooler during the hotter months without using your air conditioning all the time.

When the temperatures begin to drop, the film will stop heat from escaping the room. You can expect to save up to 30% on your energy bills.


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