If you’re looking for decorative window tinting, Andres Mobile Tinting is the team to call. To allow for full personalisation of our window films, we accept digital files – all you have to do is send us your design and we’ll print the image onto the film before installing it for you. All our window films are high quality and low maintenance.

A Decorative Window Tinting In Office

What Can Decorative Film Be Used For?

There are a number of applications for decorative window tinting in your home or commercial space. If you’re a photographer, for example, printing your own photos onto window film not only allows them to be seen by passers-by but also helps you to better control the light in your studio.

Solar Window film is also an affordable privacy solution for homeowners, keeping prying eyes out without the need for heavy curtains or obstructive measures. We offer Solar window film that is also UV-protective, meaning you can enjoy sunlight coming through your windows.

In a commercial space, decorative window film can also be used as part of a branding and marketing strategy. People often notice unique advertising, and window films are on the cutting edge. You can use acid-etching, or simply have your logo on display so people know who you are. Application and maintenance are quick and easy too, so you won’t need to lose valuable business hours for the films to be installed.


Which businesses could benefit from decorative window tinting?

Many business spaces can benefit from our quality decorative window film options.

• Retail: Shopfronts often require large windows for maximum natural light. With a custom-design print featuring your logo or branding, you can make use of this space, ensuring your shop stands out. Signage is a great way to promote new products and sales too.

• Medical facilities: Medical centres and facilities require the curbside presence and privacy for staff and patients. A decorative window tint offers a fantastic way to ensure your practice stands out and gives your team and your patients security and comfort.

• Commercial and residential buildings: Decorative window tinting can improve privacy and aesthetic appeal to your commercial space. The film can be applied on external windows, as well as internal partitions and blank spaces, so you can incorporate your business branding also.

Our professional, friendly team will work with you to determine the best decorative film options for your needs and create a custom final product that will enhance your business.

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How to use window film decoratively

Decorative window film has many benefits.

• Alternative to acid-etched glass: Etched glass isn’t always readily available and can’t always be custom-designed, whereas, with window tinting, you have the freedom and flexibility to create an entirely unique design for your space.

• Advertising power: We can customise film to feature your company logo or business name, or to include promotional signage. You could even select a simpler approach with decorative film sporting your company colours. Decorative window film can easily be removed and replaced between promotions by our professionals.

• Better privacy: With one of our practical, affordable film solutions, you’ll give your customers and employees the space, freedom and privacy they need to work to their full potential.

• Versatile use: Our films can even be used to decorate any blank space including lockers, walls and doors.

Thinking about investing in decorative window film? Contact Andre’s Mobile Tinting today to speak to our team, explore your options, and transform your business!


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Why Choose Andre’s Mobile Tinting?

Andre’s Mobile Tinting has been operating on the Gold Coast for over 25 years, so we have plenty of experience in dealing with all types of window film applications, including custom requests. We pride ourselves on our punctuality, professionalism and friendliness. We are a family-owned business that loves to help businesses achieve their branding goals and protect people’s health with our UV, heat and glare-reducing window films.

We also offer a lifetime residential warranty on almost all of our films, so there’s no need to worry about quality, as we trust our products. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you bolster your business and add a luxurious touch to your property.

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Signage & Graphics

In a time where business is growing more competitive and people are eager to return to the high street for their shopping needs, shopfront signage is one of the best ways to market your business. Whether it is a logo, promotional material or just a pattern, adding graphics to your shopfront is an easy and affordable way to utilise space.

Signage and graphics can also be used as part of your product display or even visually demonstrate the services you offer in a bolder way. This is a great opportunity to draw attention to your services and entice customers into your physical store. You can even promote your online presence, such as your social media handles or your website address.

At Andre’s Mobile Tinting, we offer custom window film printing. By using a copy of your branding or imagery, we can help you customise the look, size and style of your shopfront signage to catch the eye of potential customers. Contact our team to discuss how we could assist your business’ signage needs.



Can window films be removed easily?

Our window films can be easily removed or replaced as you desire by our team. There’s no need to worry if you are thinking of selecting a design that may only be useful in the short term or if you’re keen to update your signage regularly to display other seasonal news or sales.

Can you print in colour?

Yes! While you can opt for black and white if you want to give off a more sophisticated look with your window design, we are also happy to print signage and window films in any colour or design – they can be as bold and brilliant as you can make them.

Does frosted glass block light?

Frosted glass is a great option for creating privacy while still getting natural light as its translucent. This means it prevents others from being able to see in while also allowing up to 90% of the natural light to come through your windows. This makes it a good option for providing some confidentiality to meeting rooms or adding a sense of intrigue to storefronts.