When window tint starts to fade or becomes cracked and bubbled, then you need to remove it from your windows and replace it with new window tinting on the Gold Coast from Andre’s Mobile Tinting. You might be tempted to try to remove the window tint yourself, stripping it at home before have the tint replaced by specialists. However, this is not always a good idea. 

DIY means disaster

If you try to tint your windows at home, you could end up with a costly mess that will need to be treated before new window tint can be installed. 

Risking your own health

You could risk more than your windows when you try to remove tinting yourself. This is because it needs a sharp tool, like a razor blade or knife, to get under the tinting and lift it away from the window. You could cut yourself badly if this sharp tool slips. 

Damage to the window

When you are using a sharp tool without specialist training, you could damage your windows. If your hand should slip, or you are too rough with the blade, the window could be scratched or chipped. 

Problems removing tint

If you are able to get the knife under the tint, you could still fail to remove it completely. Without careful handling, your windows could end up covered in small pieces of tint which are extremely hard to remove. The smaller they are, the more difficult it will be to get them away from the windows, and you could end up doing more damage. 

Problems with the glue

Even if you do successfully lift off the first layer of tint, you may have trouble removing the glue layer without specialist equipment. Ordinary adhesive removers may cause damage to the surface of the glass, and you will have to work for hours to get the glue away from the window. 

Safely removing tint

In order to safely remove tint from your windows, Andre’s Mobile Tinting uses expert tools, including professional-grade cleaners and removers that need specialist training to use safely. This means your old tinting can be removed easily, and new tinting installed quickly. 

Call in the experts

When you want to change your window tinting on the Gold Coast, Andre’s Mobile Tinting teams can help you do it easily.  To find out more about how we can assist you, or to arrange a free quote, contact us online today, or call 1800-885-464 now. 

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