Window Tinting Is Essential For Gold Coast Homes & Businesses

Whether the building in question is residential or commercial, one thing that we here at Andres Mobile Tinting will always recommend is the addition of tinting to the windows.

You might not immediately think that window tinting is something that you need but allow us to give you some of the reasons why we think that window tinting is always a great option. If you are currently considering window tinting on the Gold Coast, here are a few reasons why you should.


If you have windows that face out onto an area that is open to public view, then window tinting can bring a much needed element of privacy. Tinting can work in such a way that whilst you are able to see out onto the landscape, those on the other side of the windows will not be able to peer in and disturb you and intrude on your day to day activities at home or at work.


Along with privacy is the added benefit of security that window tinting can provide. You don’t want your home or business to be on display in such a way that it attracts potential intruders, and tinting can be a simple solution in the way that it hides what is on the inside, and therefore eliminates any interesting things that might be on view.

Sun Damage

Window tinting reduces the risk of sun damage to your furniture, flooring, and belongings.  The protection that the tinting film provides will allow light to filter through and illuminate closed spaces, whilst at the same time fighting against the damaging UV rays that can cause damage to both human skin and objects.

Damage Limitation

Although it is not an everyday occurrence, if a window breaks and it has tinting film, the film will help to hold the glass together rather than it shattering and falling out of the pane in dangerous shards and lumps.

If you would like to explore your options for window tinting on the Gold Coast, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Feel free to contact one of our trained and experienced team members if you have any questions about the tinting process, they will be more than happy to discuss it with you until you are completely satisfied and happy to proceed.

We very much look forward to being able to help you here at Andres Mobile Tinting.

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