There are a number of benefits to using security window tinting, whether it is for your home or for your business.

If you are looking to deter vandals and thieves you may want to consider the advice we can offer you.

Here at Andres Mobile Tinting for any of your security window tinting on The Gold Coast needs.

Security window tinting will help to protect from shards of flying glass, reducing the possible risk of injury.

Glass that explodes, or is broken or shattered can be a great risk.

The security and safety films will become a strong, heavy weight barrier to protect against the damage this can cause.

It will hold the glass that has been shattered together.

It will also help to offer protection against human impact, and will help to reduce damage to your property and any contents in or around the impact area.

Will The Glass Look Different After Fitting?

The tint we use at Andres is scratch resistant, a clear view film.

Offering you top quality protection, almost invisible to see with high optical clarity.

Made up of several layers of polyester film, bonded with special adhesives to form a heavy gauge, tensile barrier which is applied to the inside surface of the glass.

The added advantages from this type of film are no shadows to contend with or discolouration.

The resilient coating improves the durability and longevity of the window tinting.

If you have any specific requirements we have a wealth of experience in providing solutions for security and safety window tinting.

How Is Security Window Tinting Fitted?

Here at Andres Mobile Tinting we will only use accredited installers to prepare and apply the security window tinting.

It is an exacting procedure that requires a professional team of specialist to carry out the installation.

With many years of experience in this industry we understand the importance of getting it right first time.

We Have supplied many offices and homes with security window tinting on The Gold Coast and look forward to supplying many more.

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