Are there benefits to having Energy Efficient Windows in Your Office?

Of course there are! So let’s look at how a Commercial Window Tint can help benefit you and your business.

Energy and Cost Savings

Think of the cost savings energy efficient windows will bring your business.

When a commercial window tint is applied to windows the main benefit you get will be reduced costs for air conditioning and heating.

An EnerLogic window film can give the same level of insulation as that of double glazing due to its revolutionary coating.

It transforms how well cool or heated air is kept inside the building, thus reducing energy bills.

Commercial window tint also works to make the work environment much more pleasant for employees.

Of course, if you are reducing your energy bills then you are also doing your bit for the environment, too, lessening your carbon footprint.

Here at Andres Mobile Tinting we specialise in using EnerLogic 35 Window Film for offices.

EnerLogic has gained the international Gold Plus Green Tag Certification.

This is the only product in the glazing and window film industry that has achieved this status.

By choosing this product you increase your company’s environmentally friendly credentials, too.   

The biggest plus is window tinting is a much cheaper, easier, less disruptive and time consuming installation process than having double glazing or replacement windows put in, so a another win on the energy and costs front.  

Added Business Bonuses

Along with improving the energy efficiency of your office windows by adding a commercial window tint you get some additional bonuses.

More Privacy

Having a film that is tinted or opaque on your office windows gives your business and your employees more day-to-day privacy.

It is far easier to get on with your daily duties when you don’t feel the whole world is watching.

More Safety and Security

Naturally having a polymer film applied to glazing is going to give an added benefit.

Should a window get broken through an accident or a weather-related incident the glass is held in place as one sheet instead of shattering in all directions, which may cause injury.

Commercial window tint also works for security purposes as it is far more difficult to access.

It can also cause major damage to a building whose windows don’t shatter and cave in on impact.

More Work Efficiency

The value of providing your employees with a more comfortable work environment cannot be under estimated.

Keeping the blazing sun or biting cold out or reducing the glare on computer screens is going to lead to better work efficiency.     

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We can give you expert advice on the most cost effective way to implement this revolutionary material 

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