With an increasing number of burglaries and theft on the Gold Coast, it might be time to think about additional security measures for your home.

According to Queensland Police statistics, between September 2019 and January 2020, incidences of unlawful entries on the Gold Coast rose by almost 30%. In Runaway Bay, this rose by nearly 29% and in suburbs like Broadbeach and Palm Beach, rates of unlawful entry rose by over 45% during this period.

In many cases, thieves use smashed windows as a primary entry method. According to the ABS, 47% of break-ins were from damaged doors and windows.

With Covid-19 forcing more and more people to work from home, it’s vital to keep your belongings as protected as possible from unwanted intruders. As well as ensuring all your doors and windows are properly locked, security window film can add an extra level of home security.

What Is Security Window Film?

Security window film is made from multiple layers of polyester stuck together with adhesive and applied to glass to keep it from shattering when broken. Compared to window tinting film, security window film is often thicker (between 4mm and 15mm) and more durable.

This makes security film more resistant to tears, punctures, and importantly for home security, penetration.

How Can Security Window Film Improve My Home Security

Security window film is an ideal form of home protection against thieves looking to break in through your windows.

By adding a strong, invisible layer of protection, the security film will hold shattered glass in place making it extremely difficult for the would-be robber to enter your home.

This is particularly effective at deterring robbers hoping to quickly get in and out. It also keeps your home free from dangerous fragments of shattered glass.

Other Advantages Of Security Window Film

As well as adding security to your home, window film has a few other benefits too.

Increased Glass Safety

Thieves aren’t the only reason your window get broken. It’s all too common for children playing inside to kick a ball through a glass window or door, or accidentally fall through it themselves. With window film preventing the glass from shattering, you can reduce the chances of serious injury.

Protect Against The Elements

Wild storms and hail can be a nightmare for glass windows. As weather becomes more extreme by the year, window film can reduce the chances of having to replace your windows by increasing their resistance to shattering.

Keep Your Views

Security screens on windows are an almost full-proof security measure, but they can bulky and aren’t exactly the most visually appealing feature on a home. With security window film, you’ll still be able to enjoy the view from the window and allow for more natural light into your home.

Get In Touch For Added Security

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