Are you looking for the best way to help reduce the cost of running your air-conditioning unit during the summer months and cutting heating costs in winter?

Most people have heard of window tinting film being used in properties as a way to cool the house when it gets hot, but you may not realise that it can also benefit your home during the winter. Recent advances in the development of window tinting film have now made it more effective than ever for decreasing energy costs all year round.


Window Tinting Provides Sun UV Protection Without Shading

Early forms of window tinting film used shading in order to cut back on harmful UV rays. This darker colour would reflect heat and help prevent excess sunlight from entering the interior. This darkening of the rooms made some homeowners choose blinds rather than tinting film, but modern technology now means you can have window tinting without affecting the interior light.

So while, in the past, you may have a significantly reduced percentage of natural light coming into the home, more modern films stop solar light such as UV rays but are still colour-neutral enough to leave the room bright and appealing.


Using Window Tint Vs Blinds or Curtains

When you wish to cut down on AC usage by reducing the amount of heat in a room, you may be torn between blinds, tinting film and curtains.

There are clear reasons why tinting film is best:

  • Blinds may reduce obvious sunlight, but do not prevent solar heat, UV rays or other unwanted light rays from coming into the home. They may also cause your bills to increase
    due to the inhibited natural light, which results in the use of more artificial light and, by keeping solar heat in the room, forcing you to use fans or air conditioners.
  • Curtains do not insulate your property and are prone to UV damage. For similar reasons to blinds, they will also increase the amount of energy you consume.
  • Window tint improves the appearance of windows, reducing the need for curtains or blinds that may fade, and reduces heat by blocking as much as 99% of UV rays.


Cutting Costs With Window Tinting

By using window tinting in your home, you can reduce the amount of energy you use throughout the year. By blocking UV and infrared solar rays, and preventing solar heat from being transferred from these rays, window film can give you up to 86% heat reduction within your property, which in turn will limit the amount of air-conditioning you need to use in each room.

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