Effective Safety & Security Window Tinting

Protect your business or home from break-ins and vandalism

Manufactured from multiple layers of polyester film, safety and security films are applied to glass to form a heavy-duty, high tensile barrier.

This helps to hold shattered glass together and minimizes the risk of injury by flying shards of glass in the event of breakage. This is one of the best ways to retrofit a security blanket on the windows of a building to provide substantial protection for people and property from the dangers of broken, falling, flying, shattering or exploding glass.

Safety and security window films are an ideal choice for homeowners looking for home window tinting on the Gold Coast.

The Benefits of Safety & Security Window Films:

  • Protects against flying glass shards
  • Holds shattered glass together
  • Deters thieves and vandals
  • Human impact protection in high risk locations
  • Helps reduce injuries and property damage
  • Manufacture’s warranty against performance failure

All Safety and Security window films are applied by accredited installers, with installation requiring an exacting preparation of frame, glazing gaskets and glass surfaces.

Clear View and Scratch Resistant Safety Films

Safety and Security Films deliver high-end protection, and are virtually invisible, with excellent optical clarity.

They won’t diffuse light transmission, create shadows, or discolour plus they feature a patented, resilient, scratch resistant coating to further enhance their longevity and durability.

High Tensile Protection Safety Window Films

Safety and Security film is manufactured from multiple layers of special class polyester film bonded with proprietary adhesives to form a heavy gauge, high tensile barrier, affixed to the inside surface of the glass.

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