Deciding on commercial window tinting on the Gold Coast is a no-brainer. The benefits are compelling. They include protection from both UVA and cancer-causing UVB sun rays.

The cooler interior environment, as a consequence, helps lower your power bills. And while the sun’s glare is being blocked, furnishings and carpets are also being protected from sun fade and other damage.

In the event of a window being broken, tinting film can prevent shattered glass from splintering across the room by holding the shards together.  

Commercial premises may have been early adopters but it didn’t take long for tinting to become an essential for windows in homes and vehicles.

To guarantee the full benefits that come with window tinting, you need to choose a company that performs installations meticulously.

Here are some handy hints on what to look out for.

Prices too good to be true

Anything that sounds too good to be true, usually is too good to be true. Watch out for businesses offering very low-priced window tinting. They invariably use low-quality window tinting films that are unlikely to properly protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Cheaper tinting film can also fade or discolour in the sun. Another unwelcome surprise is when the film peels away from the window, thanks to adhesive that lacks heat resistance.

Always check with your installer the quality of window tint film they will be using.

Cleanliness is essential

Window tinting needs clean application. Dirty windows and airborne particles can easily cause pockets of air in the adhesive film. This, in turn, causes bubbles under the film. You can probably tell if cleanliness will be an issue when visiting an installer’s premises.

Research online

More than 90% of businesses these days have an online presence. Most of them will have online reviews with feedback about the business and its services. You can make a more informed decision as to whether the company is right for you by reading the comments left by past customers. Negative comments don’t always tell the whole story. Responses from the company itself can often help you ‘read between the lines’.


Reputable firms doing commercial window tinting on the Gold Coast offer warranties on their goods and services. They do this, confident in the knowledge they are offering their customers a high-quality product.

Don’t Mess With It!

When your window tinting installation is complete, the film still requires time to cure. If you don’t allow enough time for the film to stabilise, opening windows or sticking signs or other material on them before, can result in total failure of the installation. Take note of your installer’s advice and avoid a costly re-installation.

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