There are many ways that you can elevate the appearance of your outdoor glass. Investing in modern tinting procedures such as frosted window film is one of the best ways to do this. If you want to learn more about frosted window film and the advantages of hiring a professional window tinting company such as Andres Mobile Tinting, this is an article to read.


What is frosted window film?

Frosted window film is a contemporary type of window film. It gives the glass an appearance of sand-blasted glazing, resulting in a decreased amount of available vision from either side. Frosted film is one of many types of window film, and is one of the most popular due to its affordability compared to sandblasted glass.


glass balustrades with frosted glass feature


Why is it recommended to frost outdoor glass?

It is recommended that you frost outdoor glass primarily due to the increased amount of privacy that it provides you with. This is especially the case with outdoor areas such as your glass pool fencing, within which you want to enjoy swimming in your pool without unwanted prying eyes.

Improved privacy. One of the most commonly noted benefits of frosting outdoor glass is the improved privacy that it offers. Passers-by can no longer look into your outdoor area, resulting in heightened security for yourself,  and anyone else with you.

Better appeal. Another advantage of tinting your outdoor glass with a film such as frosted window film is that it often heightens the appeal. A frosted window film is an attractive option of window coating that is sure to garner compliments from any visitors!


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