Security window film is a great way to protect your windows and doors as well as increase privacy on your property. Having glass as an exterior to a building has a lot of benefits, in terms of looking great from the outside and getting plenty of light inside.

Unfortunately, it can be quite easy to break and damage in other ways and bright sunlight can be dazzling. Security window tinting film is a great value solution to these problems.


A Great Barrier

Applying tinted security film to glass makes it a whole lot tougher. It is made from layers of translucent polyester film, letting light in while protecting it from more solid, unwanted intrusions.

Security film gives your glass a lot of extra strength. The structure of the film means that its layers act in conjunction with the surface of the glass to help increase the exterior strength uniformly across its surface area, much stronger than either the film or the glass will be on its own.

Due to its manufacturing process, polyester is almost unbreakable in the ways that glass may shatter.


Shatter Proof

Security film bonds to your glass so well that it will not shatter. This protects its integrity against deliberate vandalism or attempted break-ins, as well as accidental breakages.

The film is applied to the interior side of windows and doors. This means that, if a glass pane is broken from the outside, the polyester security film expands enough to take the impact and the change in shape and volume of the glass.

As the film is securely bonded to the surface of the glass with state of the art adhesive, both surfaces stay completely attached to each other. This and the elastic properties of the film mean there is a reduced risk of glass shards or fragments shattering and potentially causing injury.


Non-Scratch Surface

Unlike glass, security film does not scratch. Its outer layer is designed slightly differently from other layers, with a patented structure that will not mark even in contact with sharp objects.

As well as maintaining the strength of the film as a whole, this means there will be no signs of damage to the glass. Windows and door panes keep a clean sleek look and won’t cast any tell-tale shadows on surfaces or computer screens.

The technology of security film for glass means that the quality of light is altered, which means that tinting is a great way to boost privacy from the outside, without dimming interiors.


How Is Security Window Tinting Fitted?

Here at Andres Mobile Tinting we will only use accredited installers to prepare and apply the security window tinting. It is an exacting procedure that requires a professional team of specialists to carry out the installation.

With many years of experience in this industry, we understand the importance of getting it right the first time.


Give Security Film a Go

Using Andre’s Mobile Tinting security film has a lot of advantages for homes and business premises that were built using plenty of glass, yet prior to the invention of modern light-managing technology in security window films.

Get in touch and see how window tinting film can benefit your home or business.