All homeowners love big windows that let in natural light but the staff at Andres Mobile Tinting know that sunlight can also have negative effects. Sunlight can affect your health, your possessions, and your budget. These negative effects can be reduced and/or eliminated with residential window tinting. Here are the best benefits of home window tinting on the Gold Coast:


Improved Energy Efficiency

One of the big concerns for homeowners is their utility bills – whether from the aspect of cost or efficiency (in environmental terms). Window tinting can save you money on your energy bills. Tinting minimises heating and cooling loss through the windows and also helps the efficiency of your air conditioning system.


Reduced Glare

Glare can reduce your enjoyment of natural light causing eye strain and discomfort when watching TV, using mobile devices, or reading. With window tinting, you can reduce glare without having to close curtains or blinds.  These factors also reduce the limits you have in arranging your furniture; for example, you aren’t restricted to the one corner where glare doesn’t hit the TV.



The sun’s UV rays can damage human skin as well as fade your belongings. Our window tints cut back on these rays by over 90 per cent but there is no reduction of natural light so you can still enjoy the warmth and the beneficial vitamin D the sun delivers. You do not have to keep curtains, blinds, or shutters closed to protect your furniture, paintwork, flooring, window treatments, or ornaments safe from colour loss and fading.


Improved Security and Safety

Tinting is a film that coats a window. The film makes the glass harder to penetrate should anyone attempt to break a window to gain entry to your home. The film will also hold glass fragments together as a sheet should the glass be broken. As the fragments do not spread, the risk of possible injury is greatly reduced.


Enhanced Privacy with a Touch of Style

While tinting still allows natural light into your home, it prevents prying eyes from looking in, obscuring their view. Tinting films can also bring an extra design touch to your home as there are frosted and decorative options.

You can enjoy the benefits of home window tinting on the Gold Coast with a simple enquiry to Andres Mobile Tinting. We have been serving the area for more than 30 years and undertake residential, commercial, and industrial applications using our acclaimed Solarfilm. Contact us today for a free quote or consultation.