When it comes to keeping your home safe and overall property security, the first things that come to mind are features like CCTV, high tech alarm systems, heavy duty doors and locks, and maybe even something more traditional like a guard dog!

Of course, these are all big pieces of the puzzle, but take a second to consider the benefits of security window tinting? It might be something that is more associated with cars on a general basis, but here at Andres Mobile Tinting, we deal with just as many house window related queries as any other.

If you are on the fence about getting security window tinting, then here are just a few reasons why we think it is a good way to go.

  • The first and obvious benefit of security window tinting is that it provides a visual barrier between someone looking inside your home and the possessions and valuable that you have stored within it. If a potential burglar cannot see what is inside, they are going to be much less likely to want to take the risk of breaking in to find out.


  • On the other end of that equation, window tinting can also give you as the homeowner an opportunity to look out of your windows and see what is going on outside without the danger of being stared back at. If there is something going on outside, the tint allows you to get abreast of the situation without making yourself apparent or vulnerable.


  • Aside from the burglary security concerns, window tinting can also just provide a more secure environment for your home in terms of privacy. The window tinting not only prevents people from seeing what valuables you have, but it also prevents them from being able to peep in on your home life and see what is going on in your home. Better security and better privacy are a great combination.


So, if those reasons are enough to persuade you that window tinting really can improve your security, then the next step to take is to get in touch with us to set up an appointment or even just have a detailed discussion about your specific needs.

There isn’t a problem or situation that we haven’t been able to fix before, so put your faith in us to do the job to the highest possible standards.

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