Here at Andres Window Tinting, we have 30 years of experience finding solutions for residential and commercial customers.

We provide state of the art tinting solutions, and install all our products with care.

Window tinting can solve a whole host of problems for homes and businesses.

In today’s environmentally aware energy market, saving money means efficiency, which benefits everyone.

Especially in Australia’s harsh climate, saving energy is high on the agenda.

For recommended window tinting on the Gold Coast, look no further than Andres Window Tinting.

Logical Choice

At Andres, we use revolutionary EnerLogic Window Films to provide the best energy efficiency available without double-glazing.

For homes and businesses, these window-tinting films transform both interiors and exteriors alike.

Here on the Gold Coast, the sun’s damaging UV rays have consequences for buildings with a lot of glass.

Especially in poorly insulated buildings, sunlight can quickly heat up rooms and offices if windows and doors have no protection and as many windows don’t open, the heat is not released as the temperatures cool overnight.

Although this may represent a saving on heating bills, interiors warm up so much that they become uncomfortable, and in some cases unsafe.

Temperatures have to be controlled with air conditioning, which is costly and requires a lot of energy to run efficiently in a home and office.

Gold Standard

By fitting the best tinting films, we at Andres Window Tinting can save you a lot of money in the long run, as well as help lower your carbon footprint.

Our highly recommended window tinting on the Gold Coast offers a lifetime residential warranty for home customers.

The EnerLogic tinting films we fit are manufactured to the highest internationally recognised standards.

The EnerLogic 35 brand has Global GreenTag Certification for environmental protection standards.

We install Solarfilm window tinting, which reduces the effects of the sun on rooms and offices by a huge amount.

It eliminates 99% of UV light, and 80% of the sun’s heat. For offices, Solarfilm makes working life much easier by cutting 93% of the sun’s glare.

We also provide safety film solutions for home or business owners who want to better protect their premises from vandalism and break-ins.

When fitted, these films help maintain the integrity of window and door glass panels by holding together the whole structure, rather than shattering into flying fragments.

This is particularly helpful when attacked deliberately, making the difference between a potential and an actual break-in.

Complete Service

At Andres Window Tinting, we have a friendly, quick response service to help you make the right choice for insulating your premises.

Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial operator, get in touch with us for recommended window tinting on the Gold Coast.

Give us a call on 1800 885 464 or contact us here for a free quote today!

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